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This week's workplace: Alto trombone, Mendelssohn, and Schumann

Ah, it's always nice to do something out of the norm, and to have some challenges that make us reassess our approach, both to the instrument, and to music in general.  This week, I get the chance to play alto trombone on not one, not two, but three pieces on an entire Marine chamber orchestra program!  Mendelssohn's Ruy Blas overture, with it's typically high 1st trombone parts opens the program.  Following that overture, we play Grieg's famous piano concerto (most people would play on tenor, but I'm having fun staying on alto for it), and closing with the 4th Symphony of Robert Schumann.  Beautiful music, and a pleasure to play with my amazing colleagues.  This one won't be live streamed, unfortunately... If you're in the DC area, come check it out!   More info:  HERE


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