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My Biggest Fan

Today marks one of the best days of the year! In case you're wondering, it's the birthday of my mom, Lou Ann Clark! You might wonder why I'm writing about her birthday on a blog about music and trombone playing... The term "Super Fan" is thrown around pretty loosely these days. Whether it's New Direction or Beyoncé, Jimmy Buffet or Pitbull, everyone thinks they are the most dedicated, hard core, and consistent supporter of their chosen musical obsession. Well, I can tell you that until they have met my mom, they just don't know the meaning of the term!

What makes a "Super Fan" you might ask? Well, 150 mile round trips to youth orchestra for years on end for starters... Lessons, encouragement, dried tears (that may have just been the other day), perspective, sensible advice (get some sleep!), chauffeuring (ohh, the miles on the car!), and all-around mothering, man, I couldn't do (or have done) what I do without the support (undying!) of my mom!

So, mom, I may forget things, run out of time, and just generally not seem appreciative sometimes, but know that I wish you the happiest birthday you can possibly have!

To all you readers out there (all 4 of you! One of whom is my mom!), if you care to leave comments about what YOUR mom did for your career or life, please feel free... Just remember, if I don't comment, my mom will, she's always reading...


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