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What We Offer

Engineer and Producer tools of the trade…

Engineer and Producer tools of the trade…

Clark Media is built on world class audio, and value to individual artists and ensembles with real-world budgets.  For each project, I generate a personalized estimate of the expected costs of your project, and often present multiple options to fit different budgets.  I can also give you an accurate idea of how long a particular project will take, from start to final delivery.  By keeping your goals at the forefront of my estimate and providing excellent quality, I provide outstanding value for you to get the most out of your budget.

Our mobile recording rigs allow us to produce beautiful recordings in concert halls, churches, schools, many outdoor venues, or even private homes. Appropriate microphones combined with proper and imaginative placement will ensure a beautiful product that you will be proud to share with your audience and fans.

Our Specialties:

Live Location Recording

Professional quality microphones and preamps, well placed to serve the needs of your program and your concert aesthetics

Concert Video

Multi camera video of your concert, with audio synchronized to the video - packages to fit most budgets

Total Professionalism

Total ownership, reliability, and excellent communication - military veteran with over 20 years service. I know what it means to be dependable, flexible, professional, and to best serve YOUR NEEDS and your project’s purpose.

CD Production

With projects that we take on, we provide guidance and project management at every step of the process. We set goals, form a timeline, secure venues, and may handle licensing and mechanical rights as needed. We oversee the process from start to finish, to ensure that your artistic vision is delivered in a reasonable time frame, and at an excellent value.

Your multitrack recording, during the editing process

Your multitrack recording, during the editing process

Post Production

We can handle all editing, mixing, and mastering, and ready your music for distribution. Distribution can include streaming, CD, and digital download preparation.


Producer Duties

We provide score mapping during your session to facilitate post production editing. Our musical experience allows us to serve as your overall quality control during your sessions, and help you manage your time during the hours you’re “on the clock”

Stiletto Brass after their 3 day session, 2019

Stiletto Brass after their 3 day session, 2019


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