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Pathfinder Course for Young Trombonists


Click to play the introductory video!

I find that my young students often need help between lessons.  They may get home from a lesson and forget exactly how I told them to practice a certain skill, or what exactly we even covered in our time together!  They may struggle for the first couple of years, not making the progress that I know they're capable of.  I want to avoid having those young students get to 7th or 8th grade and find themselves behind in their musical development!

Parents may ask, "what did you do at your lesson today?", and get some vague answer that leaves everyone in the dark!  Parents, you may not have a musical background and might think you don’t have the tools to help your child practice... That doesn't have to be the case!  Don't let them fall behind due to a lack of focused practice time at home!

My Pathfinder Trombone Course offers a comprehensive collection of videos, audio, and music for a beginning student and their parents to use as a reference and practice aid at home.  The purpose is not to replace the private teacher, or band class, but to offer a resource to be used in between lessons and classes.  The course consists of a warmup routine that I have developed especially for my young students over the years.  Additionally, I've produced a collection of videos covering all the basics of playing the trombone: assembly, grip, posture, mouthpiece buzzing, breathing, and producing a good sound.  Students can play along with me via the play-a-long videos as often as they like!  I've also included a number of exclusive bonus lesson materials.  Watch the sample videos below to get a sense of what the course is all about, and view the video titles that make up the course in the table of contents that follows the sample videos.

Pathfinder Trombone Course
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Sample Video

Get a great idea of what this course is all about... I designed the videos to be simple, cohesive, and easy to implement "nuts and bolts" methods for getting off to a rock solid start as a trombone player.



Sample Video

In this sample, I introduce posture as I teach it to my own students.  Fundamentals of good posture are quite simple, and they should always serve the goal of creating a great sound and promoting confidence in the performer.

When you purchase this E-Course, you will receive:

  1. 14 videos covering the basics of excellent trombone fundamentals
  2. A PDF booklet of my full length beginner warmup routine, written and developed over my many years of teaching
  3. Key videos as audio-only mp3 files - load them on your phone for easy listening on-the-go!  Play along with the full warmup by listening along to just the audio track!
  4. "How to Practice" video - my method for teaching my own students the most important aspects of improvement on the trombone - stop wasting time and cut to the chase!
  5. "For the Parents" video - this discussion is my take on ways for parents, especially ones with no musical background, to help their child move forward in their musical pursuits
  6. Exclusive Bonus Materials, not available via my site's free download page
  7. HD video quality and excellent audio quality
  8. Your delivery email will include a link to download your video content, as well as PDF files of the warmup booklet and bonus materials
Pathfinder Trombone Course
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Video Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction - how to use the course
  2. Assembly of the trombone
  3. Holding the trombone
  4. Posture
  5. Breathing
  6. Buzzing the mouthpiece
  7. Making a healthy sound
  8. The warmup - exercise 1 (also as an mp3 audio file)
  9. The warmup - exercise 2  (also as an mp3 audio file)
  10. The warmup - exercise 3  (also as an mp3 audio file)
  11. The warmup - complete warmup, play along track  (also as an mp3 audio file)
  12. How to practice  (also as an mp3 audio file)
  13. For the parents  (also as an mp3 audio file)
  14. BONUS video: my super secret practice weapon!

Approximate total video time: 1 hr. 30 mins.

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