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Podcast notes, ep. 3: Veteran's Day Special



Here are the 2 tracks featured in the podcast from the Southern Gentlemen, recorded in 1940.  You can download both tracks for free off Soundcloud, just click on the arrow in the upper right corner of the frames below, next to the Share button.  Enjoy!

Some of my favorite books about D-Day and Omaha beach, in particular:

D-Day, by Stephen Ambrose ---- probably the best overview of what went in to the invasion of Normandy

Omaha Beach, by Joseph Balkoski ---- Balkoski writes a very detailed and focussed account of Omaha Beach, specifically.  

Viking of Assault, by Susan H. Godson ---- This book is out of print, but you can still find copies (although expensive)... the link is to Amazon, I have no idea if it's actually available!  It's a great read, though... The book was written by Admiral John Lesslie Hall's daughter, and it covers in-depth his genius in bringing naval amphibious assault to both the Atlantic and Pacific theaters of World War 2.

116th Infantry Regiment Foundation and Museum, Staunton, Virginia

Naval Gunfire Liaison Officer - wikipedia definition (WARNING: wikipedia is not a scholarly source!!!)  

DD Tank

Rosneath, Scotland


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